Who’s the stupid one?

Yesterday (Sunday) was a quiet day on the home front.  All me did was buy some fruit and vegetables at the market, sleep, eat bbq for dinner and watch a movie.  Such an exciting life to move here for, wouldn’t you say?

First thing this morning we headed for the hospital.  Doctors in China don’t have “doctor’s offices” that we’re used to.  They all work out of the hospital.  To see a GP you go to the hospital and are given a number.  Then you wait for your number.  If you want a particular doctor, you might have to wait longer depending on their popularity.  Some specialists you might wait forever but Shujie said you can make an appointment with the big boys.

We got there about 8AM and the place was packed with people.  They didn’t look sick but what do I know.  Of course, if you get a stomachache someone asks you if you want to go to the hospital.  We got our number and as I thought we went to the front of the line.  I wanted to see someone who spoke English and Shujie asked if there was such a person.  The number giving nurse said no but asked one of the younger doctors (who she assumed might speak English) if he would see us.  Step right in we were told.

The reason for the visit was to start looking into where I should get my medicines from and if I need prescriptions and so on.  I can’t really get a straight answer from Shujie.  According to her some medicines you can just buy over the counter, some you need prescriptions for, and some you can only get at a hospital.  She also told me that if the pharmacy doesn’t carry your medicine you’re out of luck.  They don’t order it for you so you have to keep looking.  Since we live in a small town that didn’t sound too good and I refused to accept that.

This doctor looked at my medication list but I don’t think he understood it.  I don’t think he spoke English.  Shujie had translated the names of the medications into Chinese before we went.  He used her translations, which I thought was idiotic.  He should have looked the medicines up themselves to see what they were.

One of them he said they didn’t have which was a water pill.  I knew I was in the Twilight Zone then.  They didn’t have this or that.  Shujie suggested to him that he should see if they could order it and he thought that was a good idea.  I’m angry at the whole thing since Shujie shouldn’t have to tell him how to do his job.  She thinks I’m unreasonable since these people have little experience with foreigners and they don’t order medicines.  I’m of the opinion that they’re wrong and should do the job properly.

So it seems like everything I need can be ordered except for one.  Since I know (because I looked it up before moving) that this drug is also made in China and sold here that it can be had.  Tonight I gave Shujie a list of about 10 suppliers of it here in China so she could do the hospital’s job and tell them where they can get it.  And I’m unreasonable?

I go back on Wednesday for some blood work and to see the status of my medications on order.  Oh boy, I can hardly wait.

When I got home I started looking at the papers one of my classes did on why they study English.  I gave them this paper after they annoyed me one day and wanted to know what they were doing there.  My plan was that instead of just correcting their grammar that would make a very difficult to read paper, I would translate their Chinglish into English so they could compare.  That is, if they could be bothered.

Some of the papers were good and I was pleased but the stupidest students alive who must think I’m the stupidest foreigner alive wrote some of them.  I went to ask Wang Jing if they pulled this crap with their Chinese teachers and she told me rarely.

Besides the one’s who basically wrote the same paper you had others who wrote papers with perfect English and a marvelous vocabulary.  That is a pretty good giveaway that they copied it from somewhere.  Dumb!

And then there were those who did things like what you see in the picture below.  Without even reading it you know there is cheating in there.

The paper has 2 fonts.  One of the fonts is an obvious copy and paste from something on the Internet.  If you read the two parts you can easily see what the student wrote themselves, and what they stole.  These kids aren’t even good at cheating.  When I hand them back tomorrow (several with a mark of zero), I will point out their stupidity but I’m not sure if I want to tell them about the different font giveaway.

I guess they’ll learn the hard way that I’m not the stupidest foreigner around.  This is college and to see so many cheaters is unbelievable to me.  This class will end up hating me but that’s okay since I’m not so crazy about them.  What is most annoying is that the minority is preventing the majority from learning more since they are wasting my time.  I’d like to turf about 35% of them.

Tomorrow I meet my two new classes.  I hope that they are a good group of eager to learn students.  I can hope, can’t I?

Today for the first time I rode the electric bike.  Shujie always drives me but today I thought I’d try it out on the school grounds.  I did okay.  I didn’t fall and I was comfortable.  It will be a big step to hit the street but I’ll do that this weekend.  Whenever I get on the bike the song “Born to be Wild” starts running though my head.  Wasn’t “Easy Rider” about guys on electric bicycles?

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  1. Tomas said:

    OR … maybe a better version, “Wild Hogs” (Allen, Travolta, Lawrence and Macy) may comes to mind ….

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