I came to that bridge and crossed it

I think the last couple of weeks have been extremely stressful for me.  Probably more stressful than I was prepared to admit.  Just waiting and trying to carry on like everything was normal.  I think it took a lot out of me.  I think my mind started playing games with me (I would feel like I couldn’t breath and I would feel like I was having a heart attack).  And I would wait each day for the next day to come up to August 15th and the big test that would determine my immediate future.

I had my test this afternoon.  The staff at the hospital was wonderful.  The doctor was cheerful and informative, and the nurses couldn’t have been nicer.  I actually filled out a comment card naming names because if you can do that when the service is lousy, you can do that when the service is good.

For the test they stick a tube down your throat to get a good picture of your heart.  They spray your mouth to freeze it and then give you some drugsrrrfvffvf to relax you.  It’s like you’re in twilight time and it feels wonderful.  You can hear everything and if they were drop an anvil on your head, you wouldn’t care.

When it was all over the doctor told me there was no problem.  The ultrasound that led to this does not take a totally accurate picture.  Now they had an accurate picture and the valve has not narrowed and I do have some calcium around it, but nothing to worry about.  The doctor who did the test phoned the cardiologist who said I should come and see him next year.  That was so nice of the doctor to call him to either set up an immediate appointment, or just tell me to carry on.

So it’s off to China on the 25th and I’m thrilled.  I’m exhausted due to the stress and the medication wearing off.  I have no worries except for the normal ones (will we like the school, etc.) so it’s business as usual.

I’ll have to start looking at the textbooks they sent me now that I’m sure I’m going and I’ll have to start worrying about the coming year since I always need something to worry about.

I can’t believe this turned out okay.  It’s so unusual.  It’s a nice feeling.  I can’t complain.  I was sure I was done for but every dog has it’s day, and I guess I had mine.  I just fell asleep typing this.  Sitting down and typing and falling asleep.  I’m done in, but I’m happy.  So it will be adventuresinbaoding after all.

  1. Rob C said:

    Congrats Martin. Glad you’re ok!

  2. Tomas said:

    Awesome news, mate … life is funny … growing up is just as hard as slowing down … always relearning … One Day at a Time … so go enjoy the next Journey … Tomas

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