Stupid egg

What can I say?  Shujie and I were in the supermarket on Friday when I came across this.  Naturally I was confused because after all, what is a stupid egg?  I showed Shujie and I asked her, “what does it mean”?  She laughed.  She couldn’t believe how bad the translation was.  I think after talking to her that it refers to the eggs of free-range chickens.  Why stupid egg?  It’s China, need I say more.

The Internet and my VPN has been awful.  The VPN companies blame it on the Chinese Communist Party Congress that we are blessed with until the 14th of the month.  Goodbye Hu Jin-Tao.  Now maybe he’ll have time to get his teeth fixed.  The Chinese leaders who I know aren’t short of money avoid the dentist like the plague.  I wonder how they can go around the world representing China with teeth like that.  Take a look at some of them.  It’s frightening.

I played hooky on Wednesday.  We are 13 hours ahead here and I wanted to watch the election results.  I mostly watched NBC.  I would have preferred CNN but you have to have a cable service to get it.  Dumb.  I look at the anchormen and I don’t know them.  I know Brian Williams (not a fan) but they wheeled out Tom Brokow sometimes.  CBS used Bob Schieffer who I love.  But NBC had the most stable connection.

I thought Obama would win, but I must admit I thought it would last past 11PM.  If Mitt (and who would vote for a man named Mitt) had stuck to his record instead of prostituting himself for the Republican/Fascist nomination, then it would have been closer.  He brought health care to Massachusetts and did other good things and then backed away from all the good he did so he was just another puppet of the fascist right.    What a country.  History has shown the middle wins most elections but when will the Republicans learn?  This is the party that freed the blacks and no blacks vote for them.  The Hispanics who are one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. have no use for them.  Republican=Dumb, I think so.

I showed “True Grit” this week for my movie and most students thought it was the best movie I’ve shown so far.  Next week it’s “The Sixth Sense” which I’m sure they’ll love.  For some sill reason I wanted to show “The Pianist” but it wouldn’t work.  It works fine in our home but at school it jams.  So we invited 3 very lovely ladies over last night to watch it.  I think they appreciated it and they come to the movie every week.  I lend them movies that I won’t be showing to the multitudes.  They’re good kids and they brought fruit as a gift.  So, they were brought up right and have proper manners and respect.

I will miss some of my 3rd year students.  They are growing on me but it’s taken a while since at only once a week, it takes time to grow.  They are getting more used to me and I to them.  I still miss last year and having a class 3 times a week.  I’m convinced now it’s better.

On Thursday night I have to give a lecture.  Every foreign teacher has to give a lecture on Thursday nights (we get paid) and my topic is “Religion in the U.S.”.  Ha, ha.  I am changing it a little to religion and the foolishness and ignorance of it.  You can quote the bible to find silly stuff.  I found a great George Carlin routine that I’ve adapted so it’s more easily understood, but I’m no George Carlin.  My goal is to offend any other foreign teachers of the Christian persuasion.  The floor is mine and I can say what I want.  I will also be showing the documentary “Jesus Camp” which is a must-see.  Sending kids to camp to brainwash them to go out and convert others to Baptists.

I will do some of the history of religion; poke some fun at Christians, Jews, and Mormons (weird people).  I will offer a disclaimer at the beginning that anything I say is my viewpoint and they can find someone else to discuss this topic and they’ll hear a different story.  I’m not a bigot.  I don’t believe in God and I don’t believe in religion and that’s my right.  The thing I always loved about Canada over the U.S. is that you can live in Canada and never discuss religion because no one cares what you are.  In the U.S. it’s an issue.  Who cares?  If it makes you happy and it’s your crutch, then by all means use it and keep it to yourself.

We are going to start looking into Winter vacations.  Vietnam is looking better all the time.  The flight prices are reasonable and it’s not too expensive.  I think it will be fun and we have 7 weeks to kill.  We went to the local travel agent and they said come back after the middle of December and they might have some information.  If we do our own flight and get a tour in Vietnam then it will be in English and it won’t have Chinese food.

Not much to report this week as life marches on.  It snowed again on Friday night and it’s around zero.  I’ve been told it gets to around -20C on average so we’ll see.  Everyone is amazed I don’t wear long underwear because everyone in China wears them.  I know I’ve lost if I ever give in.



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