Monthly Archives: April 2013

It’s April.  I checked the calendar.  Why, oh tell me why, they play Christmas music so I can hear it on the streets.  It’s driving me crazy (and that’s not a long drive).  Silent Night in April.  Frostee the fucking snowman.  He’s melted.

And if you go into a mall, especially a Pizza Hut you can hear the Carpenters greatest hits.  Haven’t they heard?  The Carpenters are not cool.  She’s dead.  She’s been dead a long time.  It’s time to move on.  Rainy days and Carpenters songs always get me down.

School marches on.  It’s boring.  I’m the “reading/writing” teacher.  I’ve been told that come September I will be teaching something else.  The kids aren’t bad, but we won’t be friends.  I miss living on campus and being friendly with the students.  Here they are all strangers.  It’s a nice apartment building and a nice area, but it’s not as easy to make friends as it is on campus.

Shujie remains jobless.  Two weeks ago she was offered a job to run a brand new HR department.  She was excited.  The owner was to call her to set up a contract signing appointment.  They wanted her to sign a 3-year contract.  She never heard from him.  I think her mistake was telling him she had a foreigner husband.  That means that she can take off at any time so she wouldn’t necessarily be her slave.  Did he call to say he changed his mind?  Of course not.  That’s the culture, the culture of rudeness.  I told her to call him and embarrass him but she said, “what’s the point”?  She’s right.  It’s easy to dislike a lot of these people.

I tried having a serious talk with her as to whether or not she was happy.  Being Chinese I never really get an answer I believe.  She tells me no problem.  She would rather work but if she doesn’t, “who cares”.  I feel bad.  I think she’d be happier working.  I wish Baotou worked out as us both teaching was good and she loved the job.

So, the new plan is this.  I will look for a University position in China.  If they like me I will bring up Shujie.  If they have a job for her, we’ll go.  If they pay oodles of money with no job for her, we’ll go.  I’m dealing with a few headhunters and my resume is going out.  One is to an International High School (don’t want to go there) but it pays about $3000 a month.  I can be bought.  I send resumes to other countries but never hear back.  Yesterday for the first time I heard back from Saudi Arabia.  The pay is good and it’s tax-free but there are a lot of rules and being a woman has less status than being a piece of dirt.  They are interviewing me on Skype tonight so I’m doing it for the interview practice, and it’s free to listen.

Last night we went to a bar.  The drinks were decent as well as the cheeseburger and fries.  It was nice to get out to a different part of the city.  It was recommended by one of my fellow teachers, so I trust him so far.  He’s recommended a steak place which we will try in a few weeks and I have a few other Western people I can ask for suggestions from.

It could be worse.  I think it’s a bad sign when the best you have to say is, “it could be worse”.  The weather is getting nice so I’m not freezing all the time, which I appreciate.  I do need some adventure in my life.  Is China out of adventure?  We are considering going into the headhunter business.  The woman who I love, Wang Jin from Jurong, wants to start that business.  We may ask her if she wants partners.  I think it could work as the 3 of us would all have different functions.

Shujie told me that asking her puts her on the spot as Chinese are not good at saying no.  I said I would talk to her and not Shujie.  If it’s Shujie, they play by Chinese rules.  If it’s me, I can get her to say no if she wants to.  I just can’t see someone with a full-time job getting up at 3AM to interview some guy in North America.  I think that would be my job.

Is there money in this?  Yes, if you’re good and you find decent people.  The problem is a lot of schools just care that the face is white.  I saw a job posting that actually asked for a “Caucasian”.  I was rather shocked.  I have no idea what they have against black people because they are plenty of scummy white people here.

So, who knows?  Something may come up sooner or later.  Looking is free so I shall look.  If I send out enough resumes (but I’m fussy and don’t send them everywhere), then something will turn up.  My age might be against me in some instances, which I think is stupid.  I think life experience is a good thing to bring into a classroom.  After the job is “teacher” and not just “English teacher” in my mind.