May, you say

Here we are.  Another May Day here for us to enjoy and do whatever you’re supposed to do on Mayday.  Has our life been exciting?  No really.  I decided firmly that I don’t like my job.  I’m not cut out for high school.  It’s University or nothing.  I find myself in class wanting to yell and scream and throw things, but naturally I don’t.  I just stand there with this insipid look on my face.

The semester is drawing to an end.  We are deciding what to do.  They never got around to getting me a contract (although I do get paid) and that is good.  I want to move and I think I’ve got Shujie’s convinced.  There is a University that offered me a job in the Southern area of China where there are mountains and beaches and looks beautiful.  I think I’m going to take the job there and if something wonderful pops up, I can just go there.  I would go to another country (Middle East pays well) but without a Masters it’s hard to get work.

For what I get paid, school is not fun.  If I’m going to work for peanuts, I should enjoy it.  It’s a grind and there are jobs where you can grind that pay more.  Shujie hasn’t been able to find a job here so there is nothing holding us here.  The city has more things and bars (not that we go often, but they are nice to have).  The place we are looking at is a little isolated (about 40 minutes to downtown) but we are considering buying a car (Chinese car, about $10,000).  It expands the radius where Shujie can find a job so that’s good.  The average temperature there in December (their coldest month) is 19C.  Pictures lie but usually not scenery and it looks beautiful.  I spoke to a teacher there and he said they had the best students he’s ever working with (and he’s been in China for 10 years).

I think I will accept the job and then if something comes along in another country, I’ll blow town.  The job sounds good and the location sounds great.  Job hunting is a pain and so is moving.

I’ve applied outside the country but there isn’t much around.  The Middle East is a good place because it pays well, but you do need a Master’s degree.  So, I think we should take what we can for now, and change our minds if necessary.

I hate running out on the guy who hired me but I’m sorry, I’m more important.  I hate my job and I come home unhappy.  I don’t feel I owe anyone anything (I was told it was a University job and I doubt it was that but more like a 3-year college).  The apartment here is nice (one big plus) but they are doing work 2 floors down and they have a jackhammer going all the time.  We are in the midst of a 3-day holiday but that doesn’t matter.  Shujie brought him up here to say, “it’s only 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon”.  Who cares?  You don’t do that on a holiday when everyone is home.  But in China no one cares about anyone else and everyone does what they want regardless of the inconvenience.  A pox on them.

Jan came from Baotou for a couple of days to visit and that was nice.  We miss her.  School starts again tomorrow (whoop-de-do), and I just want to get out of this place.  I’m thinking one or two months.  I’m going to lie and say I have to leave the country due to family illness so no one’s feelings are hurt, and the Chinese expect you to lie to them since it is the culture.

I like living on campus because it’s full of young people who are mostly friendly.  The campus has 24,000 students and I’m told only 3 foreign English teachers.  I don’t run the school so whether I think they are idiots or they don’t matter.  It only matters if I do the best job I can.  The pay is pretty good for 12 hours a week (yes, that’s standard here) plus there will be some overtimes.  The money is not bad.

I’m just feeling in a rut.  I read, I watch a lot of movies, we go out occasionally, maybe this is what life is like.  I think we’ll have to eat at Pizza Hut today just to get out of here.  I am so “Pizza Huted out”.

I don’t want this to sound like the worst place on earth because it’s not.  It’s a nice neighborhood and I get paid and the job is easy.  However, boredom is bad.  Some of the students I would just like to punch their faces in, while others I’d be happy to adopt.

Shujie won’t admit to being bored so maybe she isn’t, but I can’t see that.  She really didn’t want to move but I guess she got tired of looking at my miserable face every day.  If she had a good job I’d have to think twice about going, but what would she be giving up?  A nice apartment?  So what.  The car will make up for that.

I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia but what I was told in advance and the offer didn’t match.  I couldn’t bring my wife.  Sorry, not going.  There is this guy who tells me he has great jobs in the U.A.E. but I haven’t heard from him for a while.  There was a quite suitable job in Dubai, but they don’t write back.  I even applied to Iraq (I love excitement) but for some reason they don’t want me.  My resume is impressive so I just can’t figure anything out.

We haven’t booked plane fare back to Canada for the summer.  If we leave in July we are looking at $2000 each.  If we get out at the end of June, I think we can do $1500 each.  Either way it’s a lot of money.  I’d have to buy a year’s worth of medication while I’m there which would be about $1500.  Sometimes I think I could go back but what would I do.  My I.T. skills are not exactly up to date, and I have no desire to work in I.T.  I think with a little bit of luck, teaching University gives me the most enjoyment.

If Shujie could find something that interested her, that would be wonderful.  I hope with a car she’ll have a wider area to search and perhaps something may work out.  Of course, being a 50-year-old woman doesn’t help her.  Fifty is old in China.

I looked up my social security benefits yesterday.  I qualify for $1200 a month at age 65.  That’s more than I thought.  It will take a while to find out my Canada Pension Plan benefits since I have to get my birthdate changed since they don’t have the right one on file.

That’s it.  Life goes on and on and on.  Who knows, maybe bright days are just around the corner.  (You should always try to stay positive).

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  1. Tomas said:

    Sheesh … you really don’t like your job … I can tell by your spread of this story … no pics … no jokes … not even a sarcasm … well, I do hope, going South, near the beaches, mountains and a position for Shujie will be the cure for you, both, will need … stay positive, Martin!! … say hello to your lovely lass, mate

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