So this is one day more?

Greetings from whatever this place is.  Every time I chat with Shujie online she says, “should I still come”?  I understand that.  My track record of late hasn’t been the best but I’ve made an “executive decision”.  I am staying here for this year even if school is hell so I can see this part of the world.  I want to buy a car ASAP (and it might be this week) because I live in the middle of nowhere and it will be good for making weekend trips.  Gas is cheap but Internet is a small fortune.  But this is it for this school year.

I had my first class on Wednesday and these animals make the Chinese look like angels.  They talk and they don’t shut up.  The boys are horrible and I threw a few out.  I’m allowed to evict students so that’s what I’ll be doing so I can teach those who are interested.  The girls who talk, talk quietly among themselves but that will stop too.  There are teachers here who think it’s wrong to throw out students, but these teachers can’t teach anything because they are too busy telling the students to shut up or trying to talk over them.

If a class starts at 10AM, I’m told to shut the door at 10AM and no one can enter.  They are absent.  It seems that students get paid for each class they attend.  (Don’t ask me, it’s not my system).

I only had the 1 class this week and next week I have my regular schedule which is 18 hours.  Classes are 2 hours which is about 1 hour and 40 minutes (no break).  I have the mentally challenged for 1 class and I have another class, which is supposedly a higher level.  When this semester ends I think they ask the teachers what they would prefer to teach and mix things up.  I’m holding out for that.

The school isn’t that big and it’s quiet.  I have a shared office with 2 other foreigners, one from England and one from India.  This school has over 20 foreign teachers from all over.  The ones I’ve met seem decent and I’m reserving judgment on the kids.

The boys and girls sit on opposite sides of the room and I was told if I make groups I shouldn’t try to mix them.  That’s fine.  I never touched the girls in China so not touching here will be no problem.  I think of them as crows because they are all in black.  What I don’t understand is if you are going to wear something so unflattering, why bother with makeup?  There are some pretty faces and I can talk to them in class.  If I see them outside I should only start a conversation with a girl if she looks at me.  If she doesn’t look, don’t talk to her.  I’ll catch on.

This apartment has had no water twice this week.  My washing machine isn’t working.  I’m getting Ayoob to do things for me (I guess I put the fear of Allah into him).  I hate calling and asking but if I have a problem, someone has to solve it.

My ear infection seems to be slowly going away.  We shall see.

I went to a big supermarket in a city about 40km. from here with 2 other teachers.  It was pretty nice.  We shared a taxi that took us, waited, and then brought us home.  His price was fair.

I signed up at the Internet/Phone store to get my home checked to see if I could get a fixed Internet line.  They were going to come in a day or 2 but no one came.  I went to the office today and they couldn’t find any paperwork on me so I re-applied.  I asked, “are they coming this week”? and the answer was, “Inshallah” (god willing).

One of the guys in the store had a car he was selling but I wasn’t that interested after seeing it.  He knew a dentist around the corner so I looked at that but I wasn’t that interested.  The woman in the phone store told me her brother has a car to sell so supposedly he will come by later to show me.  (I won’t hold my breath).

I met a guy in the phone store who was very nice and was telling me to buy a new car.  He also said I should get a 4-wheel drive (I’ve heard that from others).  I don’t think I can afford a new car.  He told me that Omani cars are not good to buy 2nd hand because Omani’s don’t take care of their cars.  I should find a car from the U.A.E. and buy that.  He then drove me home.  There are nice people here.

There is a teacher at the school who knows someone who brings in used cars from the U.A.E. so he’s going to hook us up in the next couple of days.  I may be able to get a 4-wheel drive in decent condition for about $4000.  I’ll be happy.  I need to be able to get around.  Every time I want to leave here it’s a struggle.

I was thinking of making spaghetti for dinner but I keep forgetting to buy matches for my gas stove.  And I should have bought a 2nd pot so I can cook the spaghetti and sauce separately.

So I’d like my wife here so she can join in the festivities.  The car will be a must for her so she’s not trapped and her 3-hour walks might just boil her head.  Almost everything is closed in the afternoon and reopens at 4.

All I worry about is that these men who seem to know my crime, will surely come a second time.


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