On the road again

I got my car as you can see.  It is a 1995 Ford Explorer and has 143,000km on it.  It’s more that I wanted but it’s not too bad.  The ride is decent and I had less than a quarter of a tank of gas.  It cost me $16 to fill it.  Gas is cheap here, but not as cheap as Saudi Arabia, but who wants to live there?


School is boring.  The kids aren’t stupid, they are just lazy and ill-behaved.  Not all of them, but too many of them.  So I throw a few out and some are heading for permanent banishment.  I gave a class homework to write a paragraph about the most wonderful think in their life…25 out of 25 students handed in something which was amazing.  I caught 3 plagiarizing but the worst one was the one who plagiarized from the Christian Bible.  I couldn’t believe it.  Couldn’t he plagiarize a Muslim?  I told them they can’t cheat in English because it’s easy to see if the English is too good.  I told them they can’t cheat because everything is on Google.  Are they dumb?  I guess so, but more than that, they are extremely lazy.  Their school day is a fraction of China’s.  I like the Chinese classes better because you can joke around and after a while they get it.  Here you have to be wary of the girls.  They are warming up to me but I won’t be lying on their desks asking them to marry me (which is quite funny).

Like all schools there are some that really care about learning and some that should just go home and stay there.  I tell them that but no one quits.  My goal is to get them to quit.  I can’t explain how lazy there are.  A class is officially 2 hours.  The normal teaching time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.  About 1 hour into the class they start telling me class is over.  The only thing holding them there is that I will mark them absent and they won’t get paid for showing up.  These kids have to pass to start University.  They must be proficient in English.  I’m tired of a lot of them.

I spoke with the head of the English department and very tactfully I told him that I would be of more value to the school if I was teaching the “real” University students.  He agreed so I have high hopes for the 2nd semester.  I’m older, I have more experience, I don’t have a Phd (they love those) but still people call me Doctor Martin.  Maybe I should take that stethoscope off my neck.  The work is not stressful which is good, but it’s not fun.

I miss Shujie.  I haven’t really done anything because I’m waiting for her.  I still need my resident card and visa before she can get hers.  If things don’t happen soon, I’m temped to blow this joint.  Omani’s are lazy.  If you look up Omani in the dictionary, you’ll see their picture.  I may play the bluff card which is get the visa now or I’m splitting.  I am bonding with George (head of the English department) since he is moving to Toronto to be a Permanent Resident.  I am the Toronto expert.  He needs me for his questions and I told him he can ask anything and if I don’t know, I’ll find out.  So I think I will get him in 2 weeks to request they move a little quicker because I’m so important.  (I can dream, can’t I).  I don’t want to see things without Shujie so I won’t be bored the 2nd time and it will be new for both of us.

I got this wireless modem yesterday.  It’s not great but it’s cheaper than going through my phone.  I want a real modem so I can use my Toronto number.  No one phones me (is my family cheap?).

It was a long weekend this weekend.  We’ve been off since Wednesday and don’t return until Sunday.  One student invited me to his village and I said I would go.  He didn’t email me directions (he forgot) so that’s been put off.

In one of my classes there are 5 girls and they want the room cleared of boys when they have to do their presentations.  I said I would talk to some people and I was told “no way”.  That was fine and I agree.  It’s a co-ed school and they will be entering a co-ed work place.  I’ve been told there is a lot of texting that goes on between boys and girls, but no dating.  It’s different.  There are some cute faces and I’d love to see their hair and their bodies (I’m honest), but that’s not going to happen.  I told Shujie I’m going to take one of them away for the weekend and she just laughed.  After her father and brothers cut me up I will just be several parts of a teacher.

I will survive this semester and concentrate on how useless and easy this job is.  I would prefer to be useful and have a challenge, but I should have stayed at a Chinese University.  Who would have ever thought I’d miss China.  I had to get out, but I miss the kids (the highlight of my time there).

Here are some pics or what I’m in.

My palatial estate.  One of the apartments is mine.


Across the road:


Down the street:


The Backup Bathroom:  It’s small.

spare bathroom

The Master Bathroom:  It’s smaller.

main bathroom

The Living Room

living room2

The Master Bedroom where nothing happens

main bedroom

Kitchen view one.  There are no drawers and no top cupboards and I’m afraid to put anything below because of leaks when it rains.


Kitchen view two:  A stove, and oven, an automatic washing machine.  Ayoob (the boob) who looks after me tells me I keep running out of water because I use the washing machine.  So does everyone else.  But what everyone else has that Ayoob doesn’t have is a brain.


The Spare Bedroom:  Where I also put my clothes to dry.



A Third Bedroom:  What could I possibly use it for?

spare room

I rent it to Paul McCartney.  I have to make a buck (or a Rial) somehow.


I will take my camera to school but I don’t know if I can take pictures of the black crows.  We shall see.  I’ve noticed I can stand closer to them now and they don’t seem too scared.  My next step will be grabbing their breasts.  I figure that will be okay because after all, I’m “Doctor Martin”.



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