What is sexy?

Okay, this is not some perverto topic I’ve come up with. Depending on your age and your interest in history, you know that 100 or so years ago when woman’s skirts reached the ground, there was nothing really to fantasize about. Then they raised the skirts and you could see ankles. ANKLES!!!, how exciting. I know I would read these things and think how strange this all is. I mean, are ankles a turn-on? Maybe for some of you, who am I to judge. I now have a bit of understanding regarding this “weird” phenomena.

It wasn’t the ankle per se, but the fact that the man could see something that could fire his imagination up. I sort of always knew that, but I admit I never got it. Now lightening has struck and I get it.

I’m not a pervert (I hope) lusting after 18 year old girls so I don’t it has to do with their ages. I think the same would go true for a lot of women that I see. As I’ve mentioned, the girls dress like black crows. Their hair is covered and their outfits cover everything. If they are sitting down you many see their sandals but if you make a joke about it (nice toe polish there) they get all embarrassed.

Sometimes a girl will take off her head covering to adjust it. That’s perfectly natural but in some strange way, it’s a turn on. I don’t have a deep cleavage to look at, I can only have my imagination work through glimpses of their hair? It’s sick, but it’s given me an understanding of the past.

Some of these girls are pretty (I think). I only really see their faces and some of them are uglier than sin (if sin is ugly). They should probably cover their faces. But it’s strange, a glimpse of hair and I’m off to Fantasy Island.
One more week of classes for the semester and then it’s exam time. The students get about 3 weeks off but officially we get no time off. It’s been hinted that we will but nothing “official” has been said. Whatever will be, will be. I don’t trust these people.

I had a talk with the head of the English department about a month ago where I explained that I felt I was being misused and wished to be of more use at the school. He told me I will have no Foundation (beginner) classes in the next term. Guess what? I saw the classes for Semester 2, and I have 4 hours of a foundation class and that’s it. They are throwing me somewhere else and I don’t know what because God forbid they should tell me. He’s away so I’ll have to wait until he returns.

I’m tired of these children. They go to the person above me and complain that I favor girls and other silly things. These are just 1 or 2 malcontents who do this and I have to defend myself without blowing up. The person who they are complaining to should be asking them to bring in more students to support them. I told the students to grow up and if they have a problem, they should tell me. If they are not satisfied with what I say then they should go over my head. I throw more boys out of class than girls. The reason is the boys are so loud and the girls are quiet. It’s easier to pick out the loud ones.

I was told I shouldn’t throw them out but make them stay after class and write lines. You know the thing we used to do when we were in Grade 5. This woman (the department coordinator) is stupid. I have the head of the department telling me to throw them out, and I have this moron telling me to have them write lines. Since there is only 1 week to go, I’ll just keep it to myself. If it were earlier in the year, I’d make an issue of it. I just want to be left alone.

In Foundation classes there are 4 levels, (A, B, C, D), and exams for B, C, and D is their whole mark. Teachers are unnecessary, If the student is a jerk, you can’t downgrade them, and if the student is one who makes an effort, there is no reward. Everyone knows it’s wrong but knowing something and doing something about it are 2 different things.

So I will wait and see what my classes are and curse my decision to teach at a Chinese high school (that led me here). I should have done University in China where they leave you alone to do what you think is best. You can dress as you please (I can’t wear jeans or shorts here) and the students make a bit of an effort. I can be silly and I can discuss most topics. Here, I can’t show the movie, “The Princess Bride”) because there are 5 kisses in it. What is nice about here is no one pushes and it’s quiet. But I admit even though my job is easier than easy, I hate it. There is no fun and no challenge. Every class is really 2 classes. There are boys and there are girls and never shall the twain meet.

Tomorrow we will try something different. A girl suggested the boys ask girls questions and the girls ask boys questions. You can’t really understand this, but it just doesn’t happen. Since it was her idea (and an excellent one) I told her she had to explain it to the class otherwise they would think it comes from me. She was concerned that the boys would be their usual immature selves but I told her that before she speaks I will warn them that if they are silly or disruptive in any way they are out of the class for the last week which might just put them over the 20% absent make which means they fail. To get back into class they will have to explain their behavior to the coordinator and get a note from her asking me let them back in. It probably means more trouble for me, but if a girl is going to “have the balls” (forgive me) to do this, then she deserves everyone’s support. I don’t expect that everyone will participate which is okay, but there better be a few. I know they want to talk to each other and now here is their chance to grow up and make it happen. I hope this works.
I finally got my resident card on Monday. Shujie got her visa on Thursday. So, is this easy? No. She has to go to the Oman embassy in Beijing and get a letter there saying it’s okay. It sucks to be Chinese. We are hoping things move quickly and with good fortune she will be here next Friday.

So my life of boredom carries on. I did go out with some people last Thursday night and got a bit drunk. That’s the highlight of my time here. That’s pathetic. I’ve been patient but to be honest, my patience is about at an end. We will see if she gets here next Friday and what classes I will have next semester. I like the quiet. I hate the boredom.


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