Monthly Archives: May 2014

I don’t post to my blog nearly as much as I used to. Is it just laziness and boredom on my part? I am thinking that. But I force myself to sit down and give an update to the few who care to read.

It seems I don’t write as quickly as I used to.  If I do a blog entry once a month it’s a miracle.  I take forever to reply to emails.  I used to jump on writing opportunities but something happened.  What that is, I’m not sure.  Maybe I’m bored with my life (I’m only guessing here), or maybe I’ve become more than lazy.  Who knows, but here I am.

I manage to get about 6 Bloody Mary’s into my stomach once or twice a month.  Once a month there is trivia night at a resort about 30 minutes from here so I drink (and it’s not cheap but there isn’t much to spend your money on in Rustaq), and we sometimes go there for dinner with friends.  When that happens we leave early and I drink.  Because it’s a treat I enjoy the drinking.  I don’t get drunk and I don’t drive.  Shujie is a 1-drink person so it works out well because she’ll drive.  She enjoys getting out and she swears she’s not bored yet.  She does basically nothing.  She watches American TV series from the Internet in China and enjoys them.  I think after all the noise and hubbub in China, she is enjoying the peace and quiet.

They opened a “Pizza Inn” in Rustaq and I actually like their pizza.  It has now become one of my “once a week” foods.  Pizza Inn is an American chain that opened in Dallas in 1958.  It’s not as big as Pizza Hut (which I don’t like).  Life is not exciting when the new Pizza Inn is the talk of the town.

I hate (and that’s a very strong word) my job.  This school is run by mental defectives and is full of pettiness.  The Head of the Department took someones job away (he was responsible for handling the I.T. here).  I think the reason was that he was sick a bit but it became silly when the Head of the Department sent an email to everyone outlining his reasons why he did what he did.  Since I’m not an idiot (sometimes), I knew that most of what he wrote was lies.  The teacher he attacked sent an email to everyone that basically told that the HOD (Head of Department) had plagiarised a paper he wrote for a journal.  He sent links for the original and the HOD’s version.  The the HOD sent an email to everyone telling about a link he received from an anonymous source which appeared to be the same article by this teacher.  He closed his email by saying he didn’t have the time to do this crap but if that was true, why did he bother writing in the first place.  This is not a good man.  He has his job because he’s a good “yes-man” for the Ministry of Education and his home is up the Dean’s ass.  (The dean is another idiot).  What a stupid place.

So what’s up for next season for us?  We are not staying in Rustaq and that’s for sure.  We might go to Salalah in the south if there is a job.  Shujie would like to go there and I’d get to keep my car.  I’m afraid it would be the same kind of students (lazy, lazier, and laziest).  I like the people and the kids, I just hate the classes.  I just can’t tolerate the separation of men and women.  In one class I send the class list around for the students to mark if they are there.  When it’s finished on the women’s side it sits on the last persons desk until I pick it up and move it to the men’s side.  I don’t get it because these are adults and they work with people of the opposite sex.  I’m tired of their clothes and I’m tired of how they walk (clogging the halls by walking 5 abreast or standing in front of staircases).  I won’t know if Salalah is a possibility until the end of the month (maybe).  In the meantime I do a little looking for jobs and apply for a few.  I don’t get the responses I expect but I have a feeling it’s my age.  I’ve decided to accept every job offered and then decide later.

I have a job guaranteed at Beijing University where I was going to work last year before I sold out for the money.  Since it appears my teaching days are running out it would be nice to work at a world class University.  I don’t like China that much, but I love the University life there.  I love living on campus and I love making friends with the students and I end up loving a lot of the students.  I love showing movies.  I like acting silly in class and having the students “get it” and laugh.  So it’s a serious possibility.

I’ve had 2 interviews for a job at a University in Kurdistan.  I should hear back at the beginning of next week and I expect to be offered a job.  Of course, I’ve been wrong before.  It would be different and doesn’t everyone want to live in Iraq?  I was probably the only moron who applied.  When I told one of my office mates about it she just told me I was an idiot, it was a terrible place to go, Iraqi students were the worst, it was almost impossible to get in and out of the country and a few other things.  Naturally she’s never taught there so her “advice” means nothing.  I really like this person but I’ll never understand why some people have to act like they are experts about something they know nothing about.  I never give my viewpoint on something or someone unless it’s a first hand view.  The person who is the boss of the agency I work for was supposed to be a terrible man.  That’s what I heard from a lot of people when I got here.  You can also read that online about him but I don’t get it.  I think he’s great.  You ask him to do something for you (some problem you’re having) and he does it right away.  He calls back when he says he will.  He’s honest.  Working for him has been a pleasure.

So I may have 3 jobs by the end of the month and I’ll have at least one.  The smart move in my mind is to go back to China and have some fun working.  Money is so corrupting.  I have to consider what Shujie wants (she thinks there may be a job in Salalah for her) as it’s a port city and she has import-export experience.  Who knows?  It’s a continuing story.  I wish I could re-invent myself as something new but I don’t know what as.  I am a little tired of teaching (maybe it’s just the politics).  Oh well, que sera sera.

Shujie and I went to Muscat to shop yesterday.  We couldn’t eat a Chili’s since it’s closed until July for renovations.  If I knew that, we wouldn’t have gone there.  On the drive back we were talking about who speaks English well.  It’s one of my skills when teaching that I speak at an understandable pace, pronounce my words, and don’t murder the language.  Not everyone has this skill.  I told Shujie that the three best speakers I personally know are myself, my Aunt Simone, and my daughter Elana.

So that’s it for now. We still do nothing on the weekend. It’s hot and it’s not even summer yet. I will wait until June and then try to fry an egg on the sidewalk. I’ve always wanted to try that. We will see if it truly is “hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk”.

We will go to Alaska in July if my health is good. Who knows what disasters wait around the corner for me? I just want to have fun again. I know I should go to China, but I’m not sure I’m smart enough to do that. Plus, I must consider what Shujie wants to do. I’ll tell you the truth, I’d really like to see my mother-in-law. We can’t talk to each other but I truly believe we do have a kesher (Hebrew for connection).