OMAN—Last call!!!

Finally, the last post from Oman. It’s the afternoon of June 25th and our plane departs on the 30th at 10:30PM. It’s a 24-hour trip (because why should they make it easy for us). We fly Muscat to Amsterdam with one hour spent on the tarmac in Doha. Then about a 4-hour wait. Then Amsterdam to Paris. Then about a 4-hour wait. And then, finally, Paris to Toronto.

We arrive at about 4:15PM on the 1st and I can’t have anything to eat after midnight because I have my heart test the next morning. I find out the results on the 8th and that will determine “the plan”.

If no surgery is required Shujie and I are going to go on an Alaskan cruise. I’ve always wanted to go and Shujie has never been on a cruise. We saved some money this year so why not throw it away? Of course surgery could change everything including working in Kurdistan. Isn’t it great to have no control over your future? (No, it’s not).

We do nothing all day. We just have to stay here until the end of the month. Last Friday we went to the resort where I drank too much and then attacked the buffet. I was throwing up food I hadn’t even eaten. Tomorrow we are going for our final visit but I think it will be a non-drinking night.

I sold my car and it’s gone. I sold it to Ayoob, the person who supposedly helps us with apartment problems. I just mentioned in passing to him if he wanted to buy my car and the price was so good he jumped all over it. Of course, every 5 minutes he was trying to get me to lower my price and I would just tell him that I didn’t have to sell it and he was getting the best price possible (and it is a good deal). I didn’t know but I’m his friend and his brother (he told me). Yesterday when the official change of ownership was about to happen he’s still trying to save a few extra dollars. He’s not evil, just annoying.

Last week we had our last “official” meeting of the English department. Another waste of time. The head of the department thanks all these people, then they announce the people who are not returning (yeah), I got a pink clock for my efforts and then they had a meal (I left). It’s been an experience.

Before I gave my car to Ayoob I had asked Omar if he could lend me a car and he assured me he had 2 sitting around and he could lend me one. When I asked him yesterday he told me he would call me later. He didn’t call. I sent him a message asking him what was happening and he said he sold his car (I thought he had 2 to lend) and he couldn’t lend me a car. He wasn’t man enough to phone me and he lied about lending me a car. If he wasn’t sure, he should have never said yes. So Omar, who I always spoke so highly of, is now in my black book.

The heat is deadly and the apartment is warm. I think the air conditioner needs to be cleaned but we’ll be gone in 5 days so I won’t worry about it. I’m trying not to worry about anything and I just can’t seem to see anything beyond July 8. I’m sure with my luck it will be nothing.

You can only take 1 suitcase overseas now. You have to pay for a 2nd suitcase. These airlines are criminals. Their prices are sky high (naturally since they fly in the sky), and they nickel and dime you. I think back to 9/11 when the airlines couldn’t do enough to get your business. So airlines are only fair and decent when terrorists get involved. What a world.

I’ve been reading a lot and I think I’m getting tired of reading. Maybe because it’s not a choice, it’s just one of the few things I can do. We watch a movie at night (still) and I will sometimes watch two. I need a new hobby. I’m becoming an expert at lethargy.

So it’s Kurdistan or surgery recovery. I think I’ll take Kurdistan. Kurdistan means seeing Turkey (it’s a stone’s throw away) and possibly a visit to Israel. It would be great to go back there again. It’s the most beautiful country. If I’m alive, I’ll probably post in a couple of weeks and with any luck next semester it will be “Adventures in Erbil”.



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