It’s my blog and I’ll print what I want to

You would print to if it happened to you.

It seems I left something out of my last post, which may or may not be important. Who knows, I’m at the mercy of the medical profession.

As part of my application process for China, I had to have a physical. Why? Don’t ask me because as soon as you get there, they give you a physical. Strange people the Chinese, and they have different rules in every province. Who knows if and when they will ever be organized?

My ECG was weird. I’ve had 100’s, or maybe close to a hundred and they’ve all been the same. Normal, normal, normal. They did this ECG and the technician said, and I quote, “hmmmn, this looks strange”. Great, that means nothing to me.

I went to my GP and she looked at it and said, “hmmmn, that looks different”. She explained what it meant and what the possible repercussions were. If this ECG is how I am now, it sounds like I need a pacemaker. Oh joy!

I see my cardiologist tomorrow and get his opinion. I’m sure he’ll do another ECG and if it’s normal, I’ll just ignore the weird one. If it’s abnormal, then I will probably have more decisions to make. Do I go to China? (I doubt it). Does my life stay boring (probably). Enough already.

I had a friend who had a pacemaker. He was playing horseshoes (they’re lucky you know) and he dropped dead on the spot. Was it the pacemaker? I missed the autopsy but it’s something else to stress about.

I’m looking forward to escaping from here, getting back into life and having a life. This could throw a real monkey wrench into the works. I only have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. But I wanted to say it, so now I have.


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