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I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I posted. Does anyone really care beyond the few people I entertain? No. Should more people read what I write? Maybe, I think I can be humorous and entertaining. My life is a little different from yours and I’ve been living outside Canada for 8 years. I’ve spent most of that time teaching in China (University, High School, Middle School) and a year in Oman where perhaps I was the only Jew in the country. They say variety is the spice of life and there is some truth to that. Some people think it must be hard to live in a foreign culture and almost impossible to get along, but it isn’t. You adjust. You learn. Sometimes you learn some really good and useful things, and sometimes you think you are living in a basket of shit.

So what has prompted me to finally come out of my shell and write something? To be honest with you (and why wouldn’t I), I’ve always been an admirer of the United States. When people would talk it down, I would stand up for it. I thought on the whole it was a good country with good morals. It wasn’t perfect because nothing is, but it was one of the best countries in the world.

Times change. All Germans from 1933-1945 were not Nazi’s. There were some wonderful Germans who fought quietly to do the right thing. However, in recent history the Germans of the Nazi era were the worst and most evil humans (if I can say “human”) in the world. After fighting it off for a while I am not pleased to announce my choice for the 2nd worst race since the year 1900. The winner (or loser) is the United States. I’ve defended them, admired them, respected them and all that but those days are gone. The Americans are an evil race.

I know many of you are saying, “who? Not me!” but just because you didn’t vote for Trump and Co. or didn’t put up a lawn sign doesn’t absolve you from your guilt. It’s your country and although there are a lot of crazies everywhere in the world, this time all Americans must take the blame. You didn’t stop this! Today I see the NY Times and all these people who waited years to come to the “greatest country on earth”, were turned away. What’s with this alt-right? Where I come from it’s called lies. How can there be so many stupid people living in one place without one iota of generosity or grace? It’s nice to be a Canadian and hear about Syrian refugees being let into Canada. Gee, they haven’t done any harm yet.

Who was the worst terrorist in the history of the U.S.? We can’t say Bin Laden because he wasn’t American. Remember Timothy McVeigh? How do you keep a Timothy McVeigh out of the U.S.? You can’t, he’s a born and bred American. There are some evil people everywhere in the world and bad things do happen all the time, but to paint a whole country as “Islamic Terrorists” is insane. What happened to, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”? The Americans let it go. The land of the free is no longer a true statement. The land of the bigoted and ignorant is more close to the target. I know many of you say, “wait, that’s not me”, but look at your country. Look what it represents today? Look at what’s happening. It’s depressing and breaks my heart. I know some of you are good people, but you let this happen. You thought, “It can’t happen here” (read the book), but it can and did. The U.S. today is worse than any of those crazy Mid-East countries because we all knew they were crazy. However, we didn’t know that Americans were evil.

Everyone thought it was a big joke when Trump ran for President but look who’s laughing now. If George Bush the elder weren’t in the hospital would he have gone to the inauguration?   I like to think he would not have. I know you are supposed to go if you are a previous President but does that mean that Bill Clinton would go to the inauguration of Adolf Hitler? When is enough, enough? Sometimes it is not right to follow customs. Customs are nice, but you have to draw a line. You have to stand up and fight against the evil that is overtaking your country. It’s only been one week and I’m sure it will get worse. Spend your money on a wall with Mexico; after all it will end the drug problem, won’t it? No more rape, no more pillaging, just let it happen and it will be so.

When is the line crossed that make people stand up and do something? Can not some clever and caring people bring Trump down? It’s ridiculous to have to think like this, but this is what it has come to.

Where are those 3 million illegal immigrants who voted for Hillary Clinton? If we know that there are 3 million of them, why can’t they produce 100 of them? If you tell the same lie over and over and over, does it become truth? I guess the American answer to that is yes.

Go on your marches, dig up Phil Ochs to write some really clever songs, preach to the stupid to get into power and there you go. Welcome to the USA (version 2016). Just 8 years ago you had the miracle of a black man becoming President. Was there anything wrong with him? Really? No, not really. He wasn’t perfect and now his legacy is some incredibly stupid man who has found other incredibly stupid people to work for him. It’s embarrassing and you need to fix this. Now. No excuses. Don’t wait out the 4 years. I am sure that there are ways to fix this. And that doesn’t mean impeach Trump and get that moron Pence in charge.

All this depresses me. Obviously. But one lone Canadian living in China can’t fix your problems nor should I have to. You (Americans) made this mess and it’s up to you to fix the problem. Now. It just gets worse and worse. Why is 1984 the number one selling book today? Maybe you should read it.

As for life in China, I think I’m getting tired of it. I don’t like my job (still) and the city we life in is boring. The apartment is nice and I don’t mind the people I work with, but most of the students are useless and a lot of them are dummies. They hate history so I keep changing what I’m teaching. In an effort to be realistic, I’m teaching religion now. I think it’s important to have some idea of what religion is and since there really is no religion here and very few know what it is, I’m doing that. It’s okay with the school (I checked) and I will do mini-topics on things related to what they might experience if they make it out of China. I actually care and do want to be of use, so I have to figure it out since the school won’t.

A larger number of students seem to be more interested now, but still many aren’t. Are they stupid? I don’t get it. Was I this dumb at 17? Maybe. It’s not fun and we were supposed to turn in a curriculum at the end of the semester. I told them there would be no curriculum from me but I would be happy to send them my thoughts. So I did and I didn’t mince words. Then the head (or owner) or whatever of the school took Shujiie and I out for tea. We discussed things and he says that he agrees with me and perhaps there could be a job for Shujie and I communicating with the parents (at this school or in the province because he is a “big-shot”) and explaining how school and life works in the west (where they want their kids to study). Naturally we are interested but I highly doubt anything will become of this. He says he wants to get together again after the holidays (yes, it’s holidays now) and talk about it. We said sure but I doubt anything will happen. Everyone is a big shot and has great ideas, but when it comes time to do something then they are too busy.

So we are in Baoding visiting family. I am going back to Nanchang on Tuesday after 1 week here and Shujie will stay another week. I’m bored but I want her to have a good time and see the people she wants to see. It was a battle getting her to agree to stay. She thinks I will fall apart if she’s not here to take care of me. Crazy, but I guess it’s better than her hating me.

So I vented now. I’m glad to get it out. I’m sure it will build up again and I’m sure nothing good will happen. It’s so sad.