Monthly Archives: November 2017

After I wake up and pee, brush my teeth, occasionally shave, and then shower, I have my cup of juice, four biscuits and open my online NY Times. Thus the tone of my mood (miserable) is set for another day.
When I was younger I always hated how the older folks would remember “the good old days”. I always thought they were delusional and couldn’t keep up with the pace of the changing world. Now I’m one of the older folks and I’m wondering if maybe they weren’t as stupid as I once thought.
The world is changing. That happens. It’s natural. But is the way it’s changing so natural? I refer to the former leader of the free world, the United States. They grab the headlines with some of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. They have a President who is a compulsive liar. Of course anyone can be a liar, but I don’t get all these people who follow him down his absurd yellow brick road. Roy Moore assaulted young girls. Why do people still support him? Al Franken groped a woman. I loved Al Franken. I’ve bought all his books. I was shattered by this news. George Bush the first has been accused of groping. George Bush? I am not and have never been a fan of his, but I would never have thought of him as a pig. As for Harvey Weinstein and Louis CK, I don’t care except get them fixed or have them shot. I’ll be happy to pay for the bullet. The day Jimmy Carter is accused of groping (please, it must be impossible) is the day I blow my brains out. Who wants to live in such a world?
I teach in a University. There are a lot of pretty young ladies there. I’m telling you, it’s not hard at all to keep my hands to myself. I NEVER touch girls. If I’m walking around the class I might squeeze a boy’s shoulder, but I would never squeeze a girl’s shoulder. It’s against the culture here in China, and it’s supposed to be against the culture everywhere. At the end of the school year some of my female students may ask me if they can give me a hug. I’m pleased that they feel that way. They hug me and guess what, I do not stick my tongue down their throats and I don’t grab my penis and start masturbating. Trust me, it’s not hard to control my impulses. Oh wait, I don’t have any impulses to do such things. I don’t understand and I don’t get it.
And I’m just responding to the stories I hear. Imagine how many of these sad stories there are that we don’t hear about. How can any man who has daughters behave in such a manner? In the interests of full disclosure I fooled around once. It was consensual. That doesn’t make me right, but I was not “assaulting” anyone.
My NY Times gives me lots of other sad stories. You can now import elephant heads into the U.S. Why? Why not? They want to change the tax laws but many are saying that in the long run the average Joe or average Moe will suffer. I believe them. It’s okay to have your honest beliefs but it’s not alright to support your party of choice when their choices are not good for the majority and you know it. Just because the big change to health care in the U.S. came in on Obama’s watch doesn’t mean it’s bad. Why is health care in the United States so abominable? Why can’t it be more like Canada? Is greed everything? Maybe it is.
Why can’t a good man be sent to the Supreme Court because he sees things a little different than you do? I always thought the court interpreted the laws to match the Constitution. You fooled me again.
I’m old I guess. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. I get more depressed every day. I can’t fix it and I don’t know how to fix it. The healots (see the film “Meet John Doe”) have taken over. Every day I’m more depressed than the day before. Shujie thinks elections are stupid because of the morons who get into power. I’m no fan of Chinese politics but she might have a point.
How did we get here? I never saw this ride at Disney World.